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How to Comfort a Grieving Person
Is there is anything I can do?
Dr. Patricia Morgan

Yes, there is something you can do!  When people are hurting, they are often reluctant to talk about their feelings because they think others aren’t comfortable with intense emotions or just don’t want to hear about it.   Sharing pain makes it manageable.  When you listen and allow a grieving person to talk openly about the pain is more powerful than flowers or cards of sympathy.  Hear the pain.

Do not avoid conversation about the departed person out of fear of emotional reactions.  When a person is crying, they are healing.  When they hold their emotions in check, they are not healing.  Be there.  Be open to their feelings without any agenda of your own.  Allow the focus to remain on the other’s feelings without advice or suggestions.  Your gift is giving permission to speak their pain and get it out in the open where they can deal with it.  You help more than you know just by listening.

The challenge is finding a way to allow a grieving person know it is OK to talk about their feelings without asking questions.  Be there for them and as they start to open up, show interest in what they say.  There is a fine line between listening and prying.  Keep the focus on the other’s feelings and allow facts to come out without asking for specifics. 

Helping a person to release is important because it is an essential part of the process.  Your presence and concern make is the best gift that you can give.  If the person is reluctant to open up or if in bad shape and doesn’t seem to be progressing, help him or her get professional help.  

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